Shamanic Breathwork

Apr 29, 2017
The Yoga Bungalow

Try this. For two or three minutes, connect your inhale and your exhale so there are no pauses or hesitations between the in breath and the outbreath. This is called circular breathing or conscious connected breathing (CCB). Several years ago it was discovered that by sustaining this pattern of breathing for a period of time that you would experience both emotional release of traumatic memories and ecstatic states of consciousness all without the use of drugs or plant medicine.

Shamanic Breathwork is a methodology employing conscious connected breathing for approximately one and a half to two hours that will naturally induce an altered state of consciousness. It will connect you with your Inner Shaman and by so doing clear emotional blockages, old wounds, and dysfunctional patterns. There is an integration of these feelings, transforming your experience from one of suffering to one of peace.

You will also experience ecstatic states that connect you with your Teachers and Spirit Guides, thus receiving valuable insights and guidance as these spirit helpers come forth to offer their wisdom to assist you along your soul’s path. Music will be played during the session, in a carefully chosen sequence that will facilitate the process. The pace of your breathing will correspond to whatever emotional or spiritual intensities you’re experiencing.

Michael Brown in The Presence Process suggests that CCB is an integral aspect of being fully present in any given moment.
Dr. Farmer with has many years of experience with conscious connected Breathwork in various forms will supervise the group and lend his support whenever needed to create a safe and supportive experience.

Bring one or two pillows, yoga mat or something to lie down on, an eye mask, and an adventurous and willing spirit!

FEE:  Advance registration before March 25 $95
Pre-registration before April 15 $105
After April 15 (if room is available) $125

Shaman's Breathwork

  • Price: $95.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00

Shaman's Breathwork

  • Price: $95.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00

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