We’re intimately connected with every aspect of Life. By activating and awakening ancient cellular memory of our interconnectedness with all of the beings on this planet, we come to recognize how Earth Mother and all of her children are profoundly interrelated, both physically and spiritually. We come to appreciate that everything on this Earth, including our bodies, are made of the same stuff from which the stars are made.

As we integrate this understanding into our hearts, minds, and being, the many realms of Spirit make themselves available to us in a variety of ways, and we come to truly know the unity of ALL things in Heaven and Earth. With the conscious awareness of this reality, we can not only more deeply appreciate the inherent magic in everyday life but also discover how to collaborate with Spirit to create miracles. With this expansive awareness we can also receive continuous, loving guidance from the various manifestations and expressions of Life, both visible and non-visible.

And that is EARTH MAGIC®!

I’m Dr. Steven Farmer and I welcome you to our website. My mission is to facilitate and inspire a deeper awareness and appreciation for our relationship with Spirit and the natural world, through the various works and services I offer, including books, oracle cards, articles, workshops, meditation downloads, informative and inspirational videos, and my Earth Magic® radio show. You can also schedule a private consultation with me for Earth Magic® Healing Sessions in person or by phone or Skype. Sign up for my monthly newsletter to find out when I’ll be coming to your neighborhood for workshops and private sessions. I invite you to explore the resources available here that support the awareness and appreciation of the majesty and awe of the privilege of being alive on this amazing planet. Enjoy the magic!